Month: December 2020

Types & Methods of Matchmoving
26 December 2020
Matchmoving is one of the most crucial techniques in the VFX pipeline and the first step to almost any motion design. Previously, we have posted blogs tackling both the definition of this FX process and what it takes to become a matchmove artist. In this blog post, we will lay out the main types and [...]
Drone Photogrammetry
19 December 2020
Visual Effects
What is Photogrammetry anyway? It’s quite simple. Think of the digital maps we use today. Those have been created thanks to the science and technology of photogrammetry, more precisely satellite and aerial (via drone, UVA, aircraft) photogrammetry. Potogrammetry is a technique used to create measurements from photographs. As explained in one of our previous blog [...]
Photogrammetry in the Visual Effects Industry
12 December 2020
Visual Effects
History of photogrammetry in the Visual Effects Industry Photogrammetry was invented in the middle of the 19th century, almost two decades after photography was discovered. As an offshoot of photography, its first usage was to create topographic maps as proposed by Dominique François Arago, a former Minister of Defense of the French republic. Two more [...]
The Present & Future of Visual Effects Industry
8 December 2020
Visual Effects
The fact that the highest engrossing movies in our present times are Visual Effects Industry featured movies leaves no room for doubt about the remarkable progress the Visual Effects Industry has experienced in the last few years. Because of this and other factors, industry experts seem to have good reason to predict more future success [...]
The History of the Visual Effects Industry
3 December 2020
Visual Effects
The birth of Visual Effects (VFX) or Special Effects (FX, F/X, SFX, SPFX) is traced back as early as when photography first appeared in the mid-19th century. What were then just a few techniques one can barely count with a single hand called visual tricks or illusions performed by entertainment and visual artists grew to [...]