Category: Matchmoving

Types & Methods of Matchmoving
26 December 2020
Matchmoving is one of the most crucial techniques in the VFX pipeline and the first step to almost any motion design. Previously, we have posted blogs tackling both the definition of this FX process and what it takes to become a matchmove artist. In this blog post, we will lay out the main types and [...]
How to become a matchmove artist?
10 November 2020
If you are uncertain about your career path and wondering whether becoming a matchmove artist would be a good prospect for yourself, here are a few basic things you need to know. The pre-requisites of becoming a matchmove artist As you might already know, the Visual Effects (VFX) industry is both a highly technical and [...]
The Importance of Matchmoving in the Visual Effects Pipeline
14 September 2020
No Hulk, No Ragnarok Imagine the film industry not ever producing any fantasy film, or at least the kind we come to think of in our ‘post-postmodern’ era. That would be the case if matchmoving were never to exist! Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, and their legendary likes would not be possible [...]