Team Vision Age Company

Walid ben henda the founder of vision age vfx , matchmove company

Walid Ben Henda is a visual effects veteran. He started working in Matchmoving Since 2007 with Realviz, the well-known softwares editor as an image-based tracking software specialist for EU. In 2009, he started working with different studios all around the world.

He was in charge of the Matchmove department for Trixter Studios and worked on different blockbusters like Black Panther, Thor Rangrok, and Spiderman.

Mohamed Karbia: Matchmove and Photogrammetry Artist

Mohamed Karbia is a Meticulous Matchmove and Photogrammetry artist.

He is excited about every new Challenge ! He enjoys continually building his skills and his professional career with VisionAge VFX

Mohamed Karbia: Matchmove and Photogrammetry Artist

Matthias Schiemann: Matchmove Artist

Matthias Schiemann Matchmove Artist

Matthias Schiemann provides unmitigated matchmove and integration services, such as camera calibration and tracking, object tracking, body tracking, pixel accurate geometry lineup for camera, objects and characters, deformation matching, 2.5D solutions, image based 3D scanning, manual set environment or object geometry reconstruction and complex scene layout for visual effects.

He is specialized in delivering fastly individual solutions for any given integration circumstances as managing and executing complicated matchmove tasks or resolving hard to or untrackable material. He combines a solid and consistent technical base for any structure from motion driven workflow and applications as photogrammtery, matchmove or mocap with a longlasting expertise in photography, cinematography, vfx and cgi.