Covid-19, the outbreak

Like any other industry, film production has had quite a beat at the onset of the pandemic outbreak. Almost all film sets were halted, as everyone involved in the film production had to play and abide by the new, albeit unpleasant, safety rules and regulations. The impact of this general lockdown state could also be felt on the VFX industry, though in quite specific ways due to its post-production nature.

The new normal, a brave new world

A few months down the pandemic related lockdown, working from home has become the new normal. Yet, compared to the filming stage, the post-production—specifically the visual effects stage—has found it quite easier to adjust since, to quote Guy Williams, “With Covid-19, we are finding that a lot of the tools that we offer are much more applicable with the challenges of creating a film in a post COVID world.”

While producers and actors had to grapple and work around alternative ways of filming, VFX artists only had to ensure they had a robust operating system set up for a seamless post-production phase.

VFX in a post-coronavirus world, a look into the future

A sure outcome of this new normal is that both virtual and physical productions will be merging in an unprecedented way. Insights indicate that the VFX industry will be ever more in demand following these pandemic conditions since virtual production will require more subtle changes into a film’s production.

Another certain outcome of the pandemic is the shift in the evolutionary pace of the digital economy along with the paradigms of the entertainment, art, and communication industries.

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