What is Virtual Production?

If there is a term that’s currently making quite a buzz in the film industry, it is “Virtual Production”. So what is it exactly? And why has it become the word of the day?

Virtual Production (VP) is the process of using in-camera visual effects in real-time, which allows the director and camera operators to see a preview of the final edit. Through virtual production, filmmakers can shoot environments and scenes that are not on location and to preview realistically unrealistic characters and other elements right during the pre-production phase.

Some claim that VP is not a new technique, but one thing is sure that VP has certainly gained more relevance during the last two decades and that’s due to diverse factors—one of them being essentially about the major technological advances.

The other factors accounting for the increasing relevance of this process revolve around the partial lifestyle changes pushed forth by COVID-19 and the growing realization of the greater convenience of this filming process.

New technological developments such as advanced graphics processing capabilities, virtual reality, and gaming engines allow an unprecedented accuracy and a heightened sense of perspective and realism, leading to virtual production becoming more and more an invaluable asset.

Lifestyle-wise, the new demands of COVID-19 saw it that filmmakers adapt to remote working. It is in this context that virtual production has dawned as the perfect solution to travel bans & restrictions and to the issue of the personnel on set.

The other main reasons, which explain why both filmmakers and VFX artists are increasingly in favor of virtual production, are:

  • Cost-reduction: thanks to VP, a filmmaker does not need a huge budget to make a film. In most cases, it is way less costly to shoot a virtual environment or scene than to shoot a real one.
  • Time efficiency: VP has shifted the work of visual effects from post-production to mostly pre-production, allowing both filmmakers & VFX artists to allocate their time for other projects and resources.

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